If you know a dog who is neglected or in urgent need of care. Please do not walk away and leave it to suffer. I beg you please to ring this number Freephone 0800 772 0767 We are here to help. Please call in the strictest confidence. For all German Shepherds.
Please do not abandon your dog. Please report a dog.

Please phone NOW! WE WILL HELP!


Brenda Jojic

Hello and welcome to the German Shepherd Helpline. My name is Brenda Jojic and I am the founder. I live just outside Bridgwater, in Somerset.

I first owned a German shepherd 30 years ago and he was a rescue. I was completely in awe of this dog. His intelligence was phenomenal. He taught me so much and I was smitten from that day. Soon, over the years, more followed. I bred one litter of 10 puppies and raised them solely on a raw diet. I used only human grade foods. I was one of the first to convert and I did not have the choice that we have today with pre packed raw meals readily available.

I have spent many years, and still continue to do so, reasearching diets and genetics in the hope of alleviating some of the awful diseases that inflict the German shepherd. When I lost my last dog, suddenly aged 9, to the dreadful disease Hemangiosarcoma I was devastated. I made a pledge to him that I would dedicate the rest of my life in helping to prevent hereditary diseases from killing our beautiful dogs. I commissioned a programmer to build a genetic database for me. It is a guide to help breeders make healthier choices in their mating decisions. This will be completed soon and be available through the Helpline.

While I have been working on this project I came across “Floyd”. Knowing how much he suffered just broke my heart. I had to find a way to help. I do believe that family, friends, and neighbours are all aware of dogs, like Floyd, and it is these people that I plead with to come forward and report incidents of cruelty and neglect. I have a vision which branches out into education, training and support. I will strive to complete it. This is the beginning of how the German Shepherd Helpline started.


0800 772 0767